An Incredible Bullet for Numerous Circumstances

Sportsmen regularly use 243 ammunition when they are preparing to bag small to medium game, as this kind of ammo is ideal for any distance of greater than 200 yards. This ammo continues to be accurate, but provides a minimal recoil, and it is available in a variety of weights and types to fulfill the requirements of countless. Many shot for the first time using this type of bullet and continue to use it today for the previously mentioned reasons. In reality, many brought down their first deer while using a bullet of this type. Choose from lots of weights, which range from 55 to 115 grains, and choose your round kind which best fits your needs, such as the soft point or power point. The smallest snout velocity is about twenty eight hundred feet per second with the maximum running around 3,900 feet per second. On top of that, you can select the necessary snout energy for any activity, running from 1700 to twenty six hundred foot pounds. Whichever you decide on, this kind of ammo is incredibly accurate and many claim it is effective at around 1200 feet consistently. In fact, this ammunition is so accurate the Los Angeles police department has their SWAT team use this cartridge occasionally. If you are looking to purchase ammo, make sure to look into 243 ammo for sale, as it may be exactly what you need for what you plan to do.